How AI can help you books tours, design cover artwork, and more.

Can “artificial intelligence” help you find gigs, write a press release, or design your album cover? Could AI even finish a lyric you’ve been stuck on for months or plug holes in your music marketing strategy?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Imagine a world where you have a digital assistant to help with the many steps it takes to move your music forward! We may already be living in that world. 

The debate about how AI impacts creativity and ownership.

Sure, there are plenty of concerns right now about whether AI will usher in a new era of creativity or destroy humanity altogether.

And in this episode, we discuss the bleaker side the argument [Skynet, Black Mirror, Hal9000, The Matrix, Wall-E]. But we also address many of the current uses of AI, especially for musicians and creative entrepreneurs. 

Are you excited or terrified by the future of AI? Take a listen and then weigh in.

Episode topics include:

  • What even is “artificial intelligence?”
  • Examples of “machine learning” that impact musicians
  • How AI goes far beyond “search”
  • The key benefits of AI for musicians
  • Using Chat GPT to create lists and plans
  • AI’s ability to push you out of your comfort zone
  • Sourcing and synthesizing information
  • Systematized Curation as Expression
  • AI as a virtual assistant
  • Design and image extension
  • Top concerns musicians have about AI
  • And much more

Let us know your thoughts on AI and music.

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