Share your best story on the DIY Hotline

Musicians, we want to hear:

  • your funniest stories
  • your best advice
  • your current creative struggles
  • your deepest fears

And then we want to collaborate with you to turn those stories into great social content.

That’s why we set up an anonymous voice message box — so you can get extra real. No names, no filters, just good stories that other artists will love, learn from, or relate to. We’re looking for laughs, tears, and inspiration.

This is NOT a CD Baby artist support line. All questions should be directed to CD Baby’s Artist Help Center. 

A few important rules:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. But you CAN change dates, names, and places to protect the guilty
  3. If you want to be recognized, your message doesn’t have to be anonymous
  4. Keep it under 60 seconds
  5. When you’re finished recording, be sure to hit SEND

If your entry is selected as one of our favorites, we’ll pair your audio story with graphics by CD Baby’s video team. We’ll then publish the post to CD Baby’s social accounts.

By leaving a voice message, you consent to the usage of your audio in social content published by CD Baby.