Take your YouTube channel to the next level

Take your YouTube channel to the next level

Want to make more money from YouTube? Now’s the time, and Illustrated Sound is the network.

You’ve created videos, optimized your channel, and asked your fans to subscribe on YouTube. But now what? How do you take your YouTube game to the next level? How do you get the most out of your music videos?

Monetizing your music on YouTube is only step one.

Here’s step two: join Illustrated Sound — CD Baby’s new multi-channel network.

With Illustrated Sound, we’re applying the “power in numbers” principle to YouTube monetization, leveraging multiple artists’ channels to help you get the most out of your YouTube efforts.

When you join Illustrated Sound, we’ll help you:

* Make more money from your YouTube channel

* Build your YouTube audience

* Drive more video engagement

* Develop a smarter content strategy

* Optimize your channel and videos

* Earn higher ad revenue from your music on YouTube

* Push your video content directly to Facebook

* Make bulk changes to your video descriptions, tags, etc.

* Make better use of your YouTube analytics

* And much more

Illustrated Sound is an ADDITIONAL service to our existing YouTube Monetization program, and it’s FREE to sign up. It’s the perfect complement to what you can already access though CD Baby.

How do you qualify for Illustrated Sound?

In order to be eligible for the Illustrated Sound Network, your YouTube channel must:

* Have more than 300 subscribers

* Be older than 30 days

* Have at least 3000 views in the last 30 days (across all videos)

* Be in good standing in terms of copyright strikes

If your channel meets those requirements, we’d love to help you take your YouTube presence to the next level with Illustrated Sound.

Like we said: It’s FREE to sign up!

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