Did the title of this post make you worry about demonic possession? Well, demons COULD be responsible for some artists’ money-making woes, but in this article I’m talking about recent events in the world of YouTube that have lead to significant changes in content monetization.

The short version of the story

It started in the UK when media outlets pulled advertising from YouTube after discovering their ads were being served on videos with racist and pro-terrorist messages.

Then advertisers worldwide (including AT&T, Verizon, Walmart, and Pepsi in the US) distanced themselves from YouTube advertising, except in the case of targeted search. Some analysts have predicted this advertising boycott will cost YouTube $750 million.

So… YouTube responded by giving advertisers new safeguards: they won’t allow channels with fewer than 10,000 lifetime views to join the partner program.

They also made changes to “Restricted Mode,” a tool that filters out mature or objectionable content (see YouTube’s guidelines HERE) in hopes of demonetizing any video advertisers might find unsuitable for their brand.

In YouTube’s attempt to only monetize videos that are advertiser-friendly, many videos were demonetized that shouldn’t have been. To fix this quickly, YouTube then made a move to accelerate its appeals process for channel owners who feel their videos have been unfairly flagged as “not advertiser-friendly.”

It’s been an eventful 2017 so far for YouTube, creators, and advertisers. What does that mean for you?

Well, many advertisers still have cold feet and are waiting until YouTube irons out all these compromises between free speech and monetization. In the meantime, less advertising dollars spent on YouTube means fewer ads being served, which COULD mean your content on YouTube generates less revenue too.

You could wait patiently for advertisers to return to YouTube en masse, or you could be a bit more proactive:

  1. If you don’t have at least 10k lifetime views across all your videos, promote your channel and videos to get to that milestone so you can monetize the video content on your channel.
  2. Make sure all your videos are optimized for search and engagement.
  3. Apply to join Illustrated Sound, the YouTube network powered by CD Baby.

With Illustrated Sound, our team will routinely audit all your YouTube content (checking video titles, tags, descriptions, etc.) to make sure it’s optimized not just for search and engagement, but also for maximum ad revenue potential. As a member of the Illustrated Sound Network, the effect that YouTube’s broad demonetization efforts will have on your income could be significantly minimized.

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