How Musicians Make Money from YouTube

Learn how to use YouTube to boost your career and grow your fanbase

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Video has always been a powerful way to promote music. But these days, with the enormous popularity of YouTube, video might just be more important than anything else in your music career (besides the music, of course).

Here’s why: YouTube is now the #1 search engine for music and the #1 preferred listening platform for younger music fans (and lots of older listeners too). Many artists are building careers strictly through YouTube: no touring, no giant PR campaigns, just smart use of video content. After all, there’s no easier way to beam your music, brand, and personality directly into someone’s imagination than through engaging music videos. And as an independent artist, you can now easily monetize your music on YouTube, earning a share of ad-revenue generated through the usage of that music.

If you want to take your music promotion to the next level, here’s a list of resources to help you boost your views, build your fanbase, and make more money using YouTube:

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