Musicians & Bands: 11 Must-Follow People on Twitter

Twitter is loaded with awesome content and growing every second. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up– so here are 11 people we think are worth following on Twitter right now (in alphabetical order by Twitter handle after CD Baby):

@cdbaby (of course!) 

Expert industry advice, news, & promo tips from the world’s largest distributor of independent music.

1) @billboardbiz

Billboard Magazine’s online business news site.

2) @cyberpr

Cyber PR is a firm ran by Ariel Hyatt, PR maven who helps connect musicians with new media & fans.

3) @digitalmusicnws 

Digital Music News is “the authority for music industry professionals worldwide.”

4) @howtorunaband

Twitter handle of musician Chris “Seth” Jackson, helping bands in the “new world of music marketing.”

5) @hypebot

“Music, technology, & the new music business.”

6) @mashable

“The largest independent website dedicated to news & resources for the connected generation.”

7) @MicControl is “a music resource blog community” ran by Jon Ostrow.

8) @michaelsb

Michael Brandvold is a music marketing consultant, speaker, & author helpings artists “find & keep fans.”

9) @mrbuzzfactor

Bob Baker is an author & musician helping indie artists “get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, & increase their incomes.”

 10) @thedailyswarm

“Your daily source for the best music intelligence on the web.”

 11) @thornybleeder

Brian Thompson is a music marketer & “Rock n’ Roll Brand Architect.”

Given that there are about 179 million Twitter users, we may have missed a few off our list. Let us know who your ‘must-follow’ Twitterers are when it comes to music, tips and news in the comments below.

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