Music Promotion Tip: Start a Collaborative Spotify Playlist and Share it On Facebook

Music fans love Spotify; the catalog is huge, it’s free to use, and easily integrated with social media. It doesn’t take a profound leap in logic to understand why you should be promoting your music there.

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One of the most interactive ways to promote your music on Spotify is by creating a collaborative playlist. [See below for an example of a Spotify playlist embedded in this blog post]. It’s kinda like one of those mix-tape clubs I once read existed back in the 80’s where each member added one song to a cassette and then mailed it to the next person in the group—only with Spotify, it’s instant—so everyone can contribute at once!

A collaborative Spotify playlist gives you an opportunity to promote your music in a new, social way (since Spotify is integrated with Facebook). Rather than shouting “Listen to my music on Spotify” every few hours, try one of the following:

1) Create a themed playlist-

Include SOME of your band’s music (like,… one or two tracks to get things started), and then share the playlist with fans. Ask them to add their favorite music that fits the theme (genre-based, local acts, a specific mood, etc.)

2) Ask your fans to make a “tour mix” for you-

They add the songs; you promise to listen to the mix while on the road. You can even comment on each song on Twitter or in a tour diary.

3) Take cover-song requests-

But do it by asking fans to add a song to the collaborative playlist on Spotify that they think you should cover at your next show. You pick your favorites and learn ‘em.

4) Let fans choose the bumper music for your shows-

Your fans are the ones who have to actually listen to the bumper music before your show, or between sets—let them pick the tunes!

5) Interactive set lists-

Ask fans to each add one of your songs to a playlist. The first 10-20 songs (or however long your show is)… that’s your set for the next tour date.

How to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify:

1)   Log into Spotify.

2)   Click  “+ New Playlist” on the left-hand side of the Spotify player.

3)   Name the playlist.

4)   Right-click on the playlist and select “collaborative playlist.”

5)   Add songs.

6)   Right-click again to share, embed, or copy the URL of the playist.

7)   Post the URL on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

8)   Invite other Spotify users to add songs to the playlist.

See? Easy! And fun. If you want to see how one looks or behaves, CD Baby has its very own collaborative Spotify playlist: CD Baby Mixtape. Check it out below— and while you’re at it, add a song of your own to our playlist. We’ll be rocking out to your contributions at CD Baby HQ.

Have you used Spotify playlists to promote your music? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stream your music on Spotify!

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