How To: Sell Your Music on Your Artist/Band Facebook Page

When it comes to selling your music on Facebook, you have 2 great options: CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook and CD Baby’s Music Store widget! The MusicStore app is specifically designed to work on a band’s Facebook page. The Music Store widget can be placed on any website or social network that accepts HTML. Both are free and customizable. We’d recommend the MusicStore for Facebook app if you’re looking specifically for a solution to selling and sharing your tunes on Facebook. The setup process is quite easy and quick. For your blog, website, or other social networking profiles, the Music Store Widget is a great option.

Use MusicStore for Facebook to sell and share your music with your Facebook fans

CD Baby’s recently launched MusicStore for Facebook is the easiest way to sell MP3s, CDs, and vinyl on Facebook. If you’re an existing CD Baby artist, you can post your customized MusicStore on your band’s Facebook Page for FREE in just 3 easy steps.

1. Click HERE. If you’re not logged into your CD Baby members account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once logged in, you can connect your CD Baby and Facebook accounts. This integration is what allows us to easily display your CD Baby information (albums, singles, reviews, tracks, etc.) on your Facebook Page.

2. Then you will be asked to select the Facebook Page where you want to display your MusicStore. This is especially important for folks who are the administrators for multiple Facebook Pages, since you can only display the MusicStore on ONE of your Pages. Click the right one and move along to step 3!

3. Customize your MusicStore! We’ve got a bunch of attractive themes to choose from. And since we already have your artist and product information in our database, you don’t need to upload tracks or band bios or style descriptions. Just upload an artist photo or banner, embed a YouTube video (if you like), and press the magic button that will export your MusicStore to your Facebook Page. Again, you MUST click the “Export to Facebook” button for the MusicStore to go live. You can come back at any time to make changes. When you do, just click that “Export to Facebook” button again and those changes will be reflected on your live MusicStore.

It’s that easy!

Oh, and I guess there is a step 4: go to Facebook to check out your live MusicStore! Then tell your fans and friends about it so they’ll know where to purchase your music.

For a more detailed FAQ about CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook, click HERE.


Use the CD Baby Music Store Widget to sell directly to your fans on Facebook

We also recently launched our new Music Store Widget, giving DIY artists a free and simple way to sell MP3s, CDs, and vinyl directly to fans. The customizable store can easily be embedded on your website, blog, or Facebook Page (through an HTML-enabling app like Static HTML: iFrames tab). Facebook’s importance as a music promotion tool is increasing every day, so we thought we’d give you step-by-step instructions on how to embed the CD Baby Music Store Widget on your Facebook band/artist Page.  Click read more to see the complete tutorial

Please note: This involves using a third party app that is NOT supported by CD Baby.  Both Facebook and third party apps can change without notice, so please keep that in mind as you try to add this to your page.

1. First, create your Music Store Widget by following the instructions HERE.

2. Log into your Facebook account

3. Search for “Static HTML: iFrames tab” in the Facebook search field. Or, better yet, just click HERE.

4. Click to select this app. You will then see this page…

5. Click the “Go to App” button. You will then see this page…

6. Use the “-choose a page-” pulldown menu to select which Facebook Page you would like to place your Music Store Widget on.

7. Click the “Add Static HTML: iFrames tab” button.

8. Paste the HTML code for your Music Store Widget into the box that says “Enter your content here.” As shown below:

9. Click the “Save and view tab” button.
Your Facebook Page fans are going to see the tab displayed as “Static HTML.” That doesn’t sound very appealing, so you’ll want to rename the tab. As you can see from the example above, I renamed the tab “Music Store.”

To rename the tab…
10. Click the “Edit Page” button on your wall.

11. Click “apps” on the lefthand side of the screen.

12. Click “edit settings” beneath “Static HTML: iframe tabs.”

13. Type “Music Store” (or whatever else you’d like to call it) into the “Custom Tab Name” field.

14. Presto!

Now your fans can purchase your music right from your Facebook Page. If you’d like to move the Music Store tab up or down on the lefthand Facebook display (Wall, Photos, Videos, apps, etc.), just click “edit” and drag the apps around to your heart’s content.

Read our Music Store Widget tutorial: How to Create a CD Baby Music Store Widget

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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