How to post an update on Apple Connect (Apple Music’s new social network)

How to post updates on Apple Music through Apple ConnectConnecting with your fans on Apple Music

I just posted my first update on Apple Music using Apple Connect, the streaming service’s social networking feature, and I figured I’d share some step-by-step instructions.

Before you can use Apple Connect, you’ve got to:

* get your music onto Apple Music,

* claim your profile,

* download Apple Music onto your device, and

* familiarize yourself with this new streaming service.

From there, sharing content with your fans on Apple Music is pretty easy.

Here’s a quick tutorial with screenshots on how to post an update on Apple Music

1. Open Apple Music on your device, go to “Connect,” and click the compose icon (to the left of the magnifying glass search icon).


Apple Connect


2. Compose your update. If you want to add media (video, audio, etc.), click the + icon. If you manage multiple artist accounts, you can change the artist profile by clicking on the artist name in the “Post To” field.

Apple Connect


3. Add media (if you want).


How to share content on Apple Connect


4. Click “Post” to share your update with followers on Apple Music.


Apple Connect updates


5. Now, check to make sure it updated on your profile! Search for your artist profile on Apple Music (by clicking the magnifying glass icon).  Then click “Connect” (to the right of “All”).


Apple Music artist profile


6. Alright, it worked…


Apple Connect updates


Over the next week or so, I’ll play around with Apple Connect some more. What can artists customize? What else can it do? I’ll let you know what I find out. And if you beat me to it, please leave a comment here with details. Thanks!

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