3 Steps to Better Facebook Event Page Titles

This article was written by guest contributor Mike Vial and originally appeared on his blog. Check it out HERE.

I’ve noticed quite a few more bands and venues using Facebook event listings to market their shows. This is exciting for all of us as we spread the word about our performances!

However, here’s a important tip: Clarify your title so it’s easily scannable.

Consider how Fusion Shows, a Michigan music/show promotion company, writes perfectly clear titles for their event pages:

Fusion creates clarity with three simple routines:

1. They put the band name in the post
2. They put venue’s name in the post
3. They put the date in the post concisely (Month/day works well in numbers)

Recently, a bar made an event page for my performance and titled the page “Mike Vial.” This was confusing to share with others, and it wasn’t visually helpful upon first glance. Where is this event? When is this event?  Don’t I already follow Mike Vial’s page? Quite a few of my friends were joking that they were “attending Mike Vial.”

Worse, aquainances and fans will ignore what is confusing.

Remember, Facebook users are getting hit up by quite a few events a month. Our fans should be able to scan their events list and know what is happening without much mouse clicking, without much thought.

So don’t forget to give the info in the title in a simple, routine fashion that fits your event!

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