Audio mastering is an essential part of the post production process

CD Baby artists, get two of your songs mastered for free.

Sometimes you have sufficient budget and time to get your music mastered by a professional mastering engineer. Sometimes you need mastering that’s affordable and quick, but still gets the job done.

If you need instant mastering for your music, CD Baby has partnered with CloudBounce (an Abbey Road Red alumni company) so you can get hi-res, mastered audio files of your songs RIGHT NOW — for free.

CD Baby clients can get two free hi-res masters by going HERE.

You’ll receive mastered audio in the following file formats:

  • 24-bit WAV
  • 16-bit WAV
  • 320kbps mp3

If you like what you hear and want to use CloudBounce for all your recordings, you can then get their Infinity Annual deal for $99/year (a 50% discount for CD Baby artists), giving you unlimited hi-res masters for 12 months.

Why do you need your music to be mastered online?

Mastering is the last step in audio post production. The mastering process can make a huge difference in the impact of your track, bringing out the best and limiting problem areas. It’s essential for creating a crisp, kickin’, commercial sound that will translate well on streaming services, radio, CD, and more.

What is CloudBounce?

With CloudBounce, you’ll instantly improve your audio.

CloudBounce is an online mastering engine, built by musicians, that will process your audio and make your mix sound more powerful and clear. It does this through the application of various effects such as compression, EQ, limiting, and stereo imaging.

Since you can get two tracks mastered by CloudBounce for free, there’s no reason NOT to try it.

Master your tracks right now.

And if you want a professional hands-on approach, our friends at SoundLab have you covered!