New lower price for CD Baby Standard Album Distribution

The best music distribution just got better.

CD Baby has made a big change to our pricing and we think you’re gonna like it: $29 Standard Album Distribution!

That gives you an extra $20 to put towards reaching new listeners, purchasing your next plugin, or getting a few new sets of guitar strings.

“Distribution” is really just the start. Artists who are serious about their music know that distribution these days needs to be about much more than moving your songs from one place to another. That’s why CD Baby sets you up with EVERYTHING you need to release your music the right way.

When you put out an album through CD Baby, you get:

… for $29!

That price is lower than our original signup fee from 1998, back when we provided NONE of the services listed above.

Get more for less. Now is the best time to release an album.

Today you have more ways to find an audience, more ways to keep them engaged, and more ways to make money from your music than ever before.

CD Baby is here to help you with all of it — worldwide reach, effective music promotion, full monetization — with no annual fees, no grabbing for your rights, and no account mysteries or delays (we’ve paid artists every week for more than 20 years).

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