One minute they’re lost in rock abandon. The next, a flying guitar headstock comes down like a hammer on the singer’s head. Or maybe it comes down like a shrub rake. Either way, much blood ensues — though thankfully there’s only a still photo of that gory mess.

The guys in the video above are from the band Hello Morning. They’re friends of mine — including Henry Curl (the victim), Ben Sims (the spastic perpetrator), and CD Baby’s own Kevin Breuner (who’s mostly off to the right beyond the frame) — so hopefully they won’t mind if we all wince at their misfortune.

Tell us your stories of onstage mishaps

Exploding amps. Wardrobe malfunctions. Fainting drummers. Or worse.

We want to hear your stories of dramatic onstage accidents and blunders (and, of course, we hope that everything turns out ok in the end, like in the video above).

If it seemed horrible at the time, but you’ve since learned to laugh about it, please share your story in the comments section below.

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