What Do Your Younger Music Fans Want from You?

Millenial Music FanMTV recently did some research to find out what Millennials expect from their favorite artists — and what an artist/fan relationship should look like in the 21st century.

Paul Resnikoff from Digital Music News summarizes those expectations in his article “The 7 Attributes of Younger Music Fans.”

Check out Paul’s article for the full details — but if you want bullet-points, here they are…

Millennial music fans:

1probably won’t “buy” your music — because they think music should be free. But if they DO buy your music, it’s a gesture of extreme support and gratitude.

2. crave  “intimate glimpses into the mundane daily activities of their favorite celebrities,” according to MTV’s Allison Hillhouse.

3. want to feel involved in the creation, branding, and taste-making process.

4. need frequent interaction on a number of social platforms.

5. prefer “zero distance” between artist and fan. They want constant access — and intimate details.

6. are fond of shuffle-mode listening, playlists, and a diverse array of artists and genres.

7. don’t care about artists “selling out.” According to the study, they “understand that the system of getting free music/streaming means artists have to make their money somewhere.”


If you’re a Millennial, does this description fit? If you’re not a Millennial, how do you feel about the expectations of younger fans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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