Does your website pass the press test — or are they passing on you?

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about how to create a comprehensive press page on your band’s website.

At the top of that article was this screenshot of a Twitter conversation between music journalists fed up with bands that don’t have a website containing all the pertinent information in a single place:

Why musicians need a press page on their website

Last year I posted an article with Courtney Gallagher of Club Passim (a great listener-friendly venue in the Boston area) where she says: “If you don’t have a website that makes it easy for me, I am going to have to move on to the next artist.”

So what is the press test? What kind of website “makes it easy” for people in the industry?

1. The organization of content allows for easy navigation.

2. The website is up-to-date with the most relevant news, videos, and music releases.

3. It’s a cinch to locate your social links, concert calendar, music player, contact page, and press page.

4. The site gives a visual impression upon first visiting the homepage that the person is in the right place, and that something exciting is happening! (Could be done with a great photo, illustration, logo, press quotes, etc.)

Your hub. Your HQ. A place you can call home.

Bandcamp is great, but it’s not YOUR website. Facebook is great, but it’s not YOUR website. YouTube is great, but it’s not YOUR website. Hell, even an album page on is not YOUR website. Don’t keep aspects of your web presence so dispersed and then expect someone in the music industry to put the pieces together. Instead, consolidate!

If you’re going to be taken seriously as an artist, you need your own website, and you better have these 10 things in place.

For bonus points (and more gig and press opportunities), you should create a single page on your website that has EVERYTHING a blogger, editor, talent buyer, or promoter might need to make a decision about your music.

If your website doesn’t pass the press test, they’re probably going to pass on you. There are just too many other bands asking for their time (and too many other emails in their inbox) for them to waste another minute having to do additional research on your music career.

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