Video Content Made Easier

OK. So maybe you don’t have the video production budget of Lady GaGa, the visual genius of Michel Gondry, or a cast of thousands. But you can still make compelling music videos, and sometimes without even pressing the record button!

1. Boston-based band Changing Clocks recently released a music video compiled entirely from still images found in Flickr that were legally available for use through the Creative Commons license. No filming necessary. And with just a bit of editing know-how, presto! A music video. Read more about this story and view the finished product at

2. Portland-based songwriter Leigh Marble used clips from 1962’s B-movie cult classic Wild Guitar for the music video to his song “Lucky Bastards.” Again, no filming necessary, just a bit of home editing software. Click HERE to view the finished product.

3. Lastly, Arcade Fire (a band with significantly larger means and reach) recently garnered some extra attention when it was revealed that their latest release, Suburbs, comes with an interactive digital picture book. Again, no filming required. Just some good looking stills, some practice in photoshop, and a basic video-editing program. For more details and a glimpse at Arcade Fire’s picture book, check out

Have you had to employ a little ingenuity to get around time and budget restraints?

Well, we’d love to see any creative video content you’ve made. Feel free to post links in the comments section, and tell us some of the behind-the-scenes stories, too.

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