Touring Tip: Put QR Codes On Your Concert Posters

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Win new fans on the road before you even pull into town.

You’ve confirmed a string of out-of-town dates. Now what? Time to send tour posters to each venue with QR Codes on them!

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes), those little black & white checker-box images that you’ve probably seen on posters, signs, and boxes, allow people to check out your music simply by scanning the code with a scanning app on their iPhone, Android, or camera-enabled smartphone.

So now you’re not just some random band on a random poster taped to the bathroom wall in some rock club in a faraway town. You’re all of those things WITH the ability to turn a random passerby into a real fan!

Scanning the QR Code can initiate a number of functions on that potential fan’s smartphone, leading them to your website, to a page that offers special content (live videos or music clips), free downloads, or to a service that offers discount ticketing to your show. The options are many. Use your imagination and convert the merely curious into concert attendees. Then, once you’re in the same room as them, put on a great show and turn them into lifelong supporters of your music.

For more information, check out our article called “How to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Music in the Real World.”

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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  • There’s also a great new free app maker I just found which could be really helpful called Songpier. I just made one for a buddy of mine and his new album: – sweet stuff.

  • Conversely, here are some reasons why QR Codes are a bad idea :

    • Well, they're not perfect. But they do offer an additional opportunity for engagement. Just because they don't work underground doesn't mean they need to be abandoned. They still work above ground, where most of us spend our time. Surely, a better solution will appear, but it is a decent tool available at the moment.

    • Patanjali

      Several replies to that blog countered the assertion, citing the distance limitation of NFC.

      What interested me is the one from ‘libseek’. To quote:
      “Scan the conference dinner venue from the program for example and it would open up google maps with walking directions from your exact point, as supplied by your phone, to that destination.”

      Now THAT IS SMART!

      Imagine having one QR for a web site and another with the map and directions of the venue.

  • Working on the Hippie Splash making movies, slideshows and all that creative stuff. Still looking for legal advise because i was slammed up pretty good by the bart cops. for being a hippie..they hurt me..they are too jumpy

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  • checkingin

    there are several free sites for generating and managing QR code campaigns. My favorite is

  • Thanks for the recommendation.