Touring Tip: Play In-Studio and In-Store Shows

You're on the air!

Book performances at radio stations and record stores

Don’t waste the day. I know you want to check out the Hoover Dam or take that excursion to the top of the Empire State Building, but touring is NOT a vacation! The bands who are lucky enough to turn touring into a full-time job get to where they’re at because they bust their butts on the road, using every available hour to promote their music.

“You can sleep when you’re dead.”

For each town where you’ve booked an evening gig, make sure to contact:

1) the hip, local brick-and-mortar record shop and ask if you can do an in-store performance.

2) local radio stations (especially community and college radio) to see if you can play in-studio or do a short on-air interview and spin some tracks off your album. 

When you’re contacting the store manager, event planner, DJ, or program director, be polite. Make it enticing. Offer free CD or ticket giveaways. Record radio bumpers.

Then when it’s time to play, make sure all the underage kids come to the in-stores. Collect everyone’s email addresses. Encourage folks to come out to your show later that night. Repeat in the next town.


* even if the listenership or turnout is minimal, in-studios and in-stores are excellent video and photo opportunities that make great content for the web!

* if you sell your CDs or vinyl on consignment through the store, make sure to keep track and follow up. Read this article for more details.

-Chris R. at CD Baby


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