Top 3 Podcast Episodes on How to License Your Music

Over the past 10 years, indie musicians have started to earn significant income from traditional licensing opportunities in film, TV, video games, and more; but with YouTube quickly becoming the most popular online music-discovery platform, there are countless new opportunities to generate sync licensing revenue online too.

3 podcasts that will help you earn more money from sync licensing

 1. Music (Sync) Licensing, Pt. 1

This episode features interviews with CD Baby artist Gavin Heaney (Latch Key Kid), whose music ended up in a recent Super-Bowl commercial, as well as Joey Prather, who owns Blue Scout Music, a music licensing company in Portland, OR.

 2. Music (Sync) Licensing, Pt. 2-

In this episode, we talk with Xbox music director Peter Davenport from Microsoft Game Studios.This is a fascinating look at how indie music finds its way into popular video games.

Then Steve Ricardo, who operates Red Car Records and regularly facilitates high-profile commercial placements for the artists he works with, gives pointed advice for indie artists interested in licensing their music.

3. How to License Music for TV, Film, YouTube, and Beyond- 

CD Baby has partnered with music licensing firm Rumblefish to help CD Baby artists generate new revenue by licensing their music for movies, TV shows, ads, video games, apps, and YouTube.  In this episode you’ll learn what sync licensing and Micro-Sync are and how you can take advantage of these new revenue streams.

CD Baby helps you get paid whenever your music is used on YouTube!


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