The Top 5 Articles About Healthy Vocal Technique

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Healthy Vocal TechniquePractical vocal training tips for singers

In the worlds of rock, folk, hip-hop, “indie,” metal, and punk — formal vocal training is often regarded with suspicion. Singers don’t want to smooth the rough edges; they don’t want too polished a vocal timbre; they don’t want to sound inauthentic.

I get it — but at the same time you don’t want to end up like Adele, with inflamed or bursting polyps all over your vocal cords, and a year or more of recovery (if you’re lucky enough to get your voice back at all).

Towards that end, I thought I’d compile a list of great articles from the Echoes Blog that will help you limit vocal strain during performances and aid quicker vocal recovery afterwards.

How to sing with power and emotion without destroying your voice 

1. Singing Tips – How to Sing Better Right Now

2. Singing Tips – A Vocal Warm-Up is Key to a Great Vocal Performance

3. Singing Tips – Don’t Tax Your Voice Before a Vocal Performance

4. Vocal Health Basics – How to Properly Care for Your Voice

5. Stage Fright! Overcoming Music Performance Anxiety


What is your warm-up and cool-down vocal routine? How do you protect your voice during shows? Have you injured your voice? What was the recovery like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Solveig

    Sorry – there is a lot of myth around the voice and I am surprised to read: "when vocal folds are strong enough to have a good closure but not touch."??? That just means you are singing in falsetto which is not healthy at all.

    These guys know about what is happening inside the body and how to approach the voice: Dean Kealin or Jamie Wiggington.

  • Solveig

    Why did you delete my comment?

    • It wasn't deleted. I just have been away for the past 6 days or so and am just approving comments now. Sorry for delay.


      • Solveig

        😉 Sorry for having been so inpatient.

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