Songfacts' Survey for Working-Class Musicians

In between the rockstar 1% with their gold-plated guitars and the destitute drummers living gig-to-gig, there’s the middle class of musicians: folks that work hard to earn a fair living in the music industry. is writing a feature story about working-class musicians and would like to hear about your work life; if you’re a full-time indie musician, trumpeter in a military band, producer, touring guitar tech for a rock guitarist, music instructor, sound guy, or any other kind of full-time musician getting by, they’ve got a few questions to ask you. If you have a couple minutes, feel free to fill out the questionnaire below and share your story with the folks at (deadline– March 15th, 2012).

About Songfacts

Songfacts was born in 1997 as a project of Carl Wiser, a radio disc jockey in Hartford, Connecticut–this was just before radio stations got swept up by giant media corporations. Songfacts began life as a reference for disc jockeys to use on air: it logged chart positions, facts about artists, and stories behind songs. Since going online in 1999, has taken on a viral life of its own, growing into a thriving hub for information about songs and artists, and interviews with the likes of Chris Isaak, Yael Naim, John Oates, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, members of Devo, and more.

How they’ll use your answers

Your answers will be used as research for their feature article on working-class musicians. Your responses may be quoted and WILL  be fully credited with a link. Answers that are used will also provide valuable exposure for your band, studio, services, recordings—whatever you do.

Fill out Songfacts’ survey about working-class musicians.

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