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Thanksgiving message to fansThe best way to get your fans to buy more of your music this holiday season is to — (wait for it!) — ASK THEM to buy more of your music this holiday season!

Even in the age of social media, email is the most effective online marketing tool. And since Thanksgiving (a day of gratitude) and Black Friday (a day of consumer madness) are right smack up against one another, you’ve got an opportunity to send a single email that conveys your appreciation to fans AND asks for their continued support.

Maybe your band’s “Black Friday” email reads a little something like this (though hopefully less Mad Libs-y once you’ve personalized it):

Dear <first name>,

2013 has been a <adjective> year. Thanks to your support, I… <list some notable accomplishments from the previous year — such as a successful crowdfunding campaign, album release, music video launch, tour highlights, etc.>.

As a way of showing my appreciation, I wanted to let you know that… <mention a gift for your fans, such as a free single, link to exclusive video greeting, etc.>

I’m also running a limited-time sale on my music at CD Baby, just in case you’re still trying to find the perfect gifts for those music lovers in your life. From now until December 25th, all my albums are… <20% off,… or just $9.99,… or 2-for-1…, or whatever other kinda sale you wanna run>.

With so many people using music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube these days, an actual CD, vinyl, or download purchase means more than ever — and at CD Baby, I get to keep a higher percentage of the sale than with any other retailer (including Amazon and iTunes), so your money goes further to help support my music career.

This holiday, if you buy my music from CD Baby, you’ll pay less, I’ll make more, and those music lovers in your life will be psyched! <Then be sure to link them to your music on CD Baby.>


You’ll want to communicate all this stuff in your own voice, of course, and in whatever format makes the most sense for your fans. But the template above gives you the general idea, at least, even with its neutral tone.

Oh, and remember to adjust your music’s selling price and quantity discount within your CD Baby account before sending out an email that mentions a holiday sale!

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