How to save Instagram pictures without posting them

Instagram for musicians (and its dirty secrets)Peeps love pics — which is why Instagram has become one of the most popular ways for musicians to promote their music.

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Now, let’s get down to the reason you’re reading: how to save an Instagram picture on your phone without actually sharing it…

Why would you want to do that? A few reasons:

* You’ve applied a filter you like and edited the photo, but you’re driving to your next show on a back road in Wyoming, miles from a reliable cell or wi-fi signal. Save that Instagram pic for later! (In fact, if you already tried to share it, but failed, the picture should already be saved for you).

* You’ve found the right filter, but the perfect caption hasn’t occurred to you yet. Save that Instagram pic for later!

* You applied a filter, but you now want to add other elements (logos, text, etc.) to the photo using a tool besides Instagram. Save that Instagram pic and open it in Photoshop or WordSwag or whatever else you use.

And here’s how to save an Instagram photo without posting it. It’s simple.

1. Choose your photo and edit like you normally would within Instagram (applying a filter, adjusting contrast, cropping, or selecting a border).

2. Put your device in “Airplane Mode,” thus disabling its connection to wi-fi or cell signal.

3. Go back to Instagram and “share” your photo. You will notice a “Failed” warning. That’s OK. In this rare case, it actually means success!

4. Click the “X” to remove the picture from Instagram.

5.  Open up your phone’s photo library. That picture, with the Instagram filter and edits, should appear as the most recent photo.

6. Turn “Airplane Mode” off. Your mother may be calling!

Now whenever you’re ready to post that pic, just go back into Instagram and share it properly.

Why do you most often find yourself wanting to save Instagram pictures for later? No signal? You want to add text or a logo? Can’t think of a clever description for the picture? Lemme know in the comments below.

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