Vine ScreenshotNow you can make sure EVERYONE takes your album home with them after the show

Summer’s coming, and whether you’re hitting the road for a tour, planning some hometown shows, or just playing your friend’s BBQ, you’re bound to be surrounded by potential fans.

Want to make sure everyone goes home with your music? Swap out the hand-stamp at the entrance with a stack of CD Baby download wristbands, and everyone will head home wearing a code  (along with your full-color album art and info) that gives them a free download of your latest album or single.

Through the end of June, you can pick up these unique promo items at a 50% discount and start slappin’ ‘em on every wrist you see. Just use promo code WRISTBAND at checkout and you’ll get half off your purchase (through June 30th).

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DownloadCards overlay wristband 300x225 Promote Your Music w/ Download Wristbands

Here are some ways to promote your music with customized download wristbands

* Give away download wristbands at your album release party. Sometimes bands decide to give away “free” copies of their new CD to everyone who pays the cover charge at their album release party. With download wristbands, you can do a similar thing at a fraction of the cost.

* Use download wristbands to release one single every month. While you’re building up to your album launch, you can give fans a taste of the record-in-progress by giving out or selling download wristbands for each new single — one per month.

* Promote a festival or compilation album with download wristbands. Create a comp-album for larger events that feature multiple bands’ music — and you’ll all be helping one another gain new fans.

Use coupon code WRISTBAND at checkout and get 50% off your next order of download wristbands.