The Orion Experience collects $1800 in publishing royalties they didn't even know was out there“With CD Baby Pro, we’ve already made $1,800 we wouldn’t have made otherwise.” – Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience

The Orion Experience has never toured internationally, yet since signing up with CD Baby Pro, the NYC-based indie-pop band has been paid $1800 in foreign mechanical royalties — royalties that, had they not been claimed, would have eventually been paid out to major-label artists.

Success can come from unusual places.

With so many ways to make money from original music, each successful band is bound to connect the dots differently. In the case of The Orion Experience, a few unpaid song placements on MTV and Nickelodeon started generating a lot of publishing royalties in foreign territories, but they had no way of knowing this money was out there.

With the help of CD Baby Pro, though, The Orion Experience set themselves up to collect all the money their music was generating from international download sales, global streaming, and more. Singer Orion Simprini now finds himself in a far more promising position than when he was signed to a major label more than a decade ago.

I was in a signed band in the 90’s that never made a dime,” he says. “But now we’re able to fund our projects with the money we’re making.”

Now that their hard work is paying off, The Orion Experience is thinking differently about their musical goals. They’re taking their concerts, their recordings, and their career to the next level. Last summer they launched an Off-Broadway production with dancers, glam rock antics, and super funky space-pop jams — a live spectacle where the band could interact with their fans week after week in an unforgettable way.

As these efforts drive more download sales, more streams, more sync placements, and more YouTube plays, The Orion Experience is prepared to capitalize on their past, present, and future success.

Are you?

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