Live PerformanceWhat unique musical experience, expression, or strategy got you to where you are today?

In your life as a musician, have you done something a little bit different from the rest (whether it be in terms of your marketing, stage presentation, band instrumentation, branding/sponsorships, etc.)? Did forging your own path bring you some measure of success?

If so, we want to hear all about it.

Maybe you made 10,000 new fans last year from posting weekly videos on YouTube. Maybe you went “full time” after deciding to stop playing rock clubs in favor of a more lucrative circuit of sci-fi conventions. Maybe you got wide media coverage after recording a song about some social ill and donating all the proceeds to charity.

Whatever your unique approach — whether it was a one-time event, an accident of grace, or an ongoing campaign — if it brought you to the next level of your music career, we’d love to hear the story.

Tell us about your musical successes in the comments section below.

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