A Musician Checklist: Are you really ready for your next gig?

A musician's checklist for your next gig

You’re stressed about the number of people who’ll come out to your show. You’re worried about screwing up the lyrics to your new song. You’re pretty sure your bassist will forget his cables.

There’s a lot of stuff to prepare for when you play a show, and it’s easy to miss a few important things.

That’s why this checklist from TakeLessons is super helpful.

Sure, it’s 23 steps long, but they’re all “little things” that can add up to a great show with maximum fan interaction and minimal stress.

Check out the list in the photo above, or read about each item on the list in more detail at TakeLessons.

What parts of this list do you often forget (or neglect)? Let me know in the comments below.

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