Music Promo Tip: How to Offer an MP3 for Free on CD Baby

Giving folks a free download is a great way to help build your fan list and draw people into your music. 

Why give away a free track on CD Baby? If they like what they hear, they’re already on the page where they can buy the rest of your music.

As an added bonus, the people who download that track can also opt to share their contact info with you so you can add them to your mailing list!

How to set one of your tracks on as a free download:

1. Log into your CD Baby member account here (

2. Click the “edit” button next to the album/single listing you’d like to edit.

3. Click on the “Digital Track” price link.

4. Make the price $0.00 for the track you would like to give away.

5. Click save!


It’s that easy. The best part is you can change it back anytime you like. We’ve seen numerous artists successfully create a buzz for their new release by giving away a free track, so give it a shot– even if you just want to run the giveaway for a limited time!

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