Have you had any merch printing nightmares?

What color should band t-shirts be?Last week, just in time for my album release party, I received a big box in the mail full of t-shirts that I’d ordered on rush delivery from Merch.ly.

I had heard good things from co-workers who’d ordered shirts from them before, and had been working one-on-one with the folks at Merch.ly to choose the right fabric type and color combination for my budget, so I was pretty sure everything would go smoothly.

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But there was still that moment of hesitation before I opened the box. The scissors came out. I cut along the packing tape, and…

All ends well here. They got everything right (as expected).

It made me wonder though, what merch mishaps have other artists experienced throughout the years? Wrong quantities, sizes, and styles? Colors getting screwed up, or appearing differently than advertised? Incorrect design sizing or placement? Printing delays? Shipping to the wrong address? Crappy fabrics?

If you’ve had a merch nightmare come true, tell us all about it in the comments below.

If you want merch done right — and at the right cost — check out Merch.ly.

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