Marketing your music is about having something to say

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Music marketing is about having something to sayFacebook is just a message delivery system. Your email newsletter is just a message delivery system. Your website is just a message delivery system. Your press releases, concert posters, tweets,… they’re all just message delivery systems.

What’s your message?

So often we mistake the medium for the messaging. We think that just because we have an Instagram strategy, we’re marketing our music.

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Marketing is about the message, the story, the emotional hook. Everything else — your band photos, your blog posts, your Facebook ads — they’re all just vehicles, secondary to the message itself.

Nothing to say? No story? Then your music “marketing” is meaningless. It’s just more static. If all you’re doing is posting links to buy your music, nobody will!

How to find and tell your story

Not sure if you’re effectively marketing yourself as an independent musician? Then it’s time to do some soul searching and find out what drives you. Where do your songs come from? In what ways do you hope to connect with your audience? What does your art help THEM achieve?

By asking yourself these kinds of questions, you might uncover a story that’s worth sharing, and which serves as a connection point for your fanbase, which is — after all — a community built upon the foundation of your music, your story, and how they feel they fit into that story.

By “story,” I don’t mean a linear narrative about your life, but the overall impression you create concerning your music career, your message, and your motivations.

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Have you fallen into the bad habit of putting the medium ahead of the message? How did you break out of it? What’s your “story” and how did you find it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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