During the holidays, millions of people are searching for physical CDs. After all, it’s hard to wrap an mp3 and stick it under the tree! On CD Baby’s website we see over 100,000 visitors a day during the Christmas shopping season. So, make sure you’ve got enough CDs on hand — they’re the perfect stocking stuffer!

IMPORTANT: If CD Baby has sent you a restock email, make sure to send us the quantity of CDs or vinyl we requested as soon as possible.

If your own stock is depleted, or if you’ve never pressed CDs for your album before, we’ve got an easy solution for you!

CD Baby can quickly make as many (or as few) CDs as you need, and we also offer:

* Fast turnaround times.

* Pro duplication for as few as 1 disc.

* Simple uploading and proofing process.

* Free full color on-disc printing.