Increase Your Album Sales: Get Your Fans to Review Your Music!

reviewOne of the best ways to garner attention as an artist and boost your sales on CD Baby is to get your fans to review your music online, especially on your album page. Most musicians have no problem at all talking about themselves and explaining why other people should buy their music. So why should it be any different in soliciting favorable feedback from your fans? Every potential fan wants to have the confidence that purchasing your music is a good decision- that it’s worth their money to buy the album and worth their time to listen to it.

A review from a neutral third party is a great way to inform potential fans of what they can expect, letting those people on the fence know that buying your music is a risk worth taking. A long list of 4 and 5 star reviews on a album page can make a huge difference towards increasing sales.

Every artist knows that getting established organizations (websites, newspapers, and magazines) to review your music can also be a big momentum builder. Public perception is that the more reviews means more popularity. Therefore, people assume the bands with the most reviews are the ones that deserved to be listened to. To hear one professional music critic’s advice on the best way’s to get your music reviewed, check out CD Baby’s free DIY Musician podcast episode #27, with former Willamette Week Music Editor Amy McCullough (

If you haven’t lately, try reaching out to your fans and ask them to leave a review of your music on CD Baby. Many fans are motivated by goodwill when contributing reviews and most people are going to want to spread the word about the latest awesome artist they’ve discovered. Let your fans know about the feel-good benefits of adding their voice to the discussion.

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