How to sell more band merch in 2015

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Sell More Merch at ConcertsManaging merch sales isn’t the sexiest part of your music career, so I can understand if it keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list. But with a new year approaching, it’s time to set some serious band merch resolutions!

Maybe you need to get rid of that ratty old suitcase you’ve been keeping your CDs in for years and construct a better merch display.

Maybe you need to finally get around to re-ordering t-shirts.

Maybe you need to recruit a superfan to go on your next tour to help out at the merch booth.

There are plenty of ways to step up your merch game in the coming year. If you’re wondering how, read on…

14 articles that will help you sell more merch at shows and online

1. Thirteen merch table basics for bands: if you’re not doing #5, you’re missing out on sales

2. Don’t go broke buying merch: a band t-shirt strategy you need to know

3. Four ways to accept credit cards at your next show

4. How flexible pricing can help you sell more merch

5. Sell your merch on Spotify using BandPage

6. You can’t download a t-shirt: why merch matters

7. Tips for touring abroad: merch sales, customs, and more

8. How to transcribe, print, and sell sheet music as a merch item for your band

9. Seven ways to magnetize your band’s merch display

10. Selling underwear at your merch booth: savvy or trashy?

11. What every merch booth needs: CDs!

12. Band merchandise: how to make it work for you

13. Five tips for selling more at your merch booth

14. Merch Master Spotlight: Tracy Grammer

How are you going to sell more merch in 2015? Let us know in the comments section below.

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