How to record with Pro Tools

When it comes to digital recording, Pro Tools is the industry standard, powering everything from the most basic home-demoing setup to the most in-demand studios in the world.

Pro Tools lets you record, edit tracks, add effects, and even output songs to a CD — all with a few clicks of the mouse. But those features just scratch the surface.

To help you dive deeper into what Pro Tools has to offer, our friends at Disc Makers have put together a new free guide: Pro Tools for Musicians — including content from Electronic Musician and Cengage Publishing, and sponsored by Avid, the makers of Pro Tools.

This free guide gives you everything you need to utilize the full power of Pro Tools today.

What’s inside:

  • Inside the studio with MUSE
  • How to Set Up Your Hardware
  • Master The Mixer
  • Tweak Pitch and Timing
  • Streamline Your Workflow
  • New: Clip-Based Gain

Do you want to know more tricks and tips about how to record with Pro Tools? 

Download your free copy today!