How to Do an iTunes Pre-Sale for Your Music

How to Do an iTunes Pre-SaleiTunes Pre-Sales Now Available for CD Baby Artists

With over 28 million tracks in their catalog, 25 billion songs sold, and billions in annual revenue, it’s no secret that iTunes is still the major player in the digital music game. And we’ve got good news: CD Baby artists will now be able to make their music available for pre-sale on iTunes.

What’s an iTunes pre-sale?

An iTunes pre-sale allows your fans to order your music from iTunes in advance of its release. Then, on the official release date, your pre-sale customers will receive an automatic download of your music into their iTunes player. All pre-sales will be credited on the official release date, so the more pre-sale purchases you get, the higher your sales ranking on the day of the official release.

Artists who have albums with 11 or more tracks are also eligible to choose an “instant gratification” track.  iTunes will make that track available for preview and purchase on the date your pre-sale begins. The instant gratification track will be available for purchase as part of the pre-sale album, which means any iTunes customer can purchase this track by itself, or have it instantly downloaded when they purchase your complete album during the pre-sale period!

A pre-sale must run 1-4 weeks before the Current Release Date (the actual release date you set in your CD Baby member account). In order to be eligible for pre-sale, your Current Release Date must also be at least 30 days in the future.

Why would you want to make your music available for pre-sale on iTunes?

Well, if Justin Timberlake’s latest promo campaign tells you anything, a pre-sale on iTunes is a great way to build hype, giving you an extra 4 weeks to create buzz before the full album actually drops. And iTunes is prime real-estate for music retail — so those 4 weeks can have a big impact.

To make your music available for iTunes pre-sale, sign it up with CD Baby!

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