How to Create a CD Baby Music Store Widget

CD Baby’s new Music Store Widget is the easiest way for musicians to embed a one-stop music store on their websites and sell their music directly to their fans. Artists can offer hi-quality MP3 downloads, CDs, and vinyl of all their releases from one convenient place. CD Baby will handle the tiresome minutia of order fulfillment (warehousing, shipping, payment, customer service, accounting, etc.) so you can have more time to record, practice, promote, and perform your music.

If you’re an existing CD Baby artist, below is a step by step tutorial and a FAQ to help you out with any issues you may run into.  Just follow the steps to place a Music Store Widget on your website, social media profile, or any other place on the web where you can paste in HTML code.

If you’re not a current CD Baby artist, click HERE to get started with your account.

How to use CD Baby’s Music Store Widget

Follow the links on the member dashboard inside your CD Baby account, or go to this URL: It should look something like this:

1. Select the Artist(s) you want to sell in your Music Store Widget. If you’re a label, you’ll want to select “all artists.” If you’re an individual artist, you will want to select your artist name.

2. Select the Theme to choose colors for the Music Store Widget that best match your website design.

3. Grab the Code by copying the HTML code in the display box. Paste this into your website or other site that allows you to paste in HTMl code.

Presto! Now the world can purchase downloads, CDs, and vinyl from your Music Store Widget, which should look a little something like this:

When a fan visits your page and uses your Music Store Widget to purchase music, they can add the item to their “cart” and continue shopping from your catalog. Once they’re ready to buy, they’ll click the “checkout” button and CD Baby will process the payment through making check out completely safe and secure.  Your CD or MP3 will be delivered to your fans just like any other purchase from the CD Baby website.

Feel free to make as many widgets you like and spread them all across the web.  We hope the new Music Store Widget makes it easier for you to sell your music directly to your fans online.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.  Below is some technical info and a FAQ that should cover most of the issues you might run into.


This is Version 1.0 of the CD Baby Music Store Widget.  We think our Music Store Widget is pretty cool!  However, we plan to make some improvements over the next few months in order to make it work even better on your website or Facebook fan page.

The Music Store Widget is currently configured to work in a website window at a minimum width of 408 pixels.  In the next version of the Music Store Widget, we intend to reduce this minimum window size significantly.

In Version 1.0, the Music Store Widget was developed to use iFrames only.  This means that it will not function in blog sites that do not allow iFrames to display, including MySpace and some versions of WordPress and Blogspot.  We are working to address this issue and hope to have a solution soon.

Since the Music Store Widget was developed in Flash, it is not compatible with Apple® mobile devices, such as an iPhone® or iPad®.

FAQ – Most of your Music Store Widget Questions answered below

1. Do I have to be music selling on CD Baby to create a Music Store Widget?
Yes, the widget pulls all information about your music from your CD Baby artist profile.

2. Is there an extra fee to create and use a Music Store Widget?
The widget is a FREE promotion tool that we hope will help spread your music across the web.

3.  How do I create a music Store Widget?
Follow the links on the dashboard inside your CD Baby member account, or go to this URL: . Once you customize the widget to your liking, just copy and paste the HTML into any website that allows users to paste in HTML code.

4. Where can I use the Music Store Widget?
You can use the widget on any site that allows you to paste in HTML code.  This would include your own website, blogs, social network profiles and more (excludes sites that do not support iFrames code).  The Music Store Widget is only supported on Facebook Fan Pages and will not work on your Facebook personal profile.  Click here to read more about setting up the Music Store Widget on your Facebook Page.

5. Is there a limit to the number of Music Store Widgets I can create?
There is no limit.  Feel free to create as many as you like.  Paste them on your website, social network profiles, and even encourage your fans to paste them all over the web.

6. What formats can I sell through the Music Store Widget?
All the formats you currently have available for sale through CD Baby will be available for purchase through the widget.  This can include (depending on what you have for sale at CD Baby) CD, MP3, DVD, and Vinyl.

7. How do I update the album and artist info on my Music Store Widget?
All the info in the widget is populated from your CD Baby album/artist profile.  If you need to make changes, just login to your CD Baby account and make the needed updates.  Please note:  These changes will take effect on the CD Baby website as well.

8. What size is the Music Store Widget?
The widget height is 575 pixels and the width is a minimum of 408 pixels.  When you place the widget into your site, the width of the widget will automatically expand to fill the space.  So if the width of the “Store” page on your website is 600 pixels, the width of the widget will automatically expand to fill the space and sit nicely on the page.

9. How does the Music Store Widget check out process work?
Fans that purchase your music through the CD Baby Music Store Widget will complete their check out at

10. What percentage cut does CD Baby take for sales through the Music Store Widget?
The percentage cut is exactly the same for sales through  You can see those in detail here –

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