HostBaby Introduces a Whole New Web Experience w/ Backdrop Themes

Create a visually captivating website with HostBaby’s new Backdrop

HostBaby has added two new themes to its theme library: Backdrop Showcase and Backdrop Headliner, and they’re unlike anything we’ve designed in the past. Backdrop themes let you to set your own background with your best high-res photo; then we do the rest!

These new themes are easy to use and highly customizable. You can change colors, fonts, photos, drop in widgets, and much more.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design

We’ve also tackled one of the biggest new trends in web development: responsive design.

What this means is that Backdrop websites adjust automatically to fit the size of the viewer’s browser. Change the size of your browser window and—presto!—you’ll see the site shift to fit the new window size. So Backdrop sites look great on mobile devices and tablets because they adjust to fit small screens, too.

Backdrop themes are available at no additional cost in your HostBaby Site Builder account. Log in and try it out!

If you haven’t tried HostBaby, sign up for our free 30 day trial here!

*Note: Free trial does not include domain name (11.99/year). You can use a domain name you already own if you wish.

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