Sell your merch on Spotify with BandPage

With the help of BandPage, a company that enables over 500,000 artists to create central online profiles for their music, you can now easily sell your band merch and “experiences” on Spotify.

You’re probably asking, “What’s an experience?”

Well, it’s anything your fans will love (and would be willing to pay for), as long as it’s legal. So the more creative and personal, the better.

That’s right. Whether you want to sell traditional merch items like band posters, t-shirts, and vinyl records, or memorable experiences such as private online concerts, backstage access to gigs, or guided-tours of your recording studio, BandPage will help you get the word out to your fans by displaying those offers on your Spotify artist page.

Sell merch on Spotify

According to Spotify:

The new BandPage integration is completely free for artists. You can get your merch offers onto Spotify with a free BandPage account and Spotify doesn’t take any fees or commissions. You also don’t need to change how you currently sell merchandise; you can link to your existing online store or if you don’t have one, you can create a BandPage store (transaction fees may apply for this option).

This is an exciting way for independent artists to earn additional revenue from their fans on Spotify.

To get started selling your merch and “experiences” through BandPage (and on Spotify), click HERE.

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