The #1 most important thing you can do to market your music

email marketing for musiciansEmail is still the most effective form of online marketing

When you want to encourage fans to purchase your music, or leave a review, or tag you in photos that they took at your show, or watch your newest YouTube video, EMAIL is the best way to get someone to take action.

According to many studies on internet habits, you’re far more likely to see results from a well-written email newsletter than from a series of tweets or Facebook posts. Plus, when you collect a fan’s email address, you have the opportunity to market to them again and again. THAT’s why building your email list should be your top priority when it comes to marketing your music. 

But there’s another important reason why you should be focusing most of your marketing efforts on building your email list: you need to OWN your fan relationships.

When you build a following on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, those companies are in control of not only HOW you communicate with fans, but also WHO gets to see your content. Plus,… remember MySpace? You don’t want to spend years collecting likes on Facebook only to lose those fan connections to changes in social media trends or functionality. Your email list is forever!

How to grow your email list

1. Place an email collection widget on your website

2. Give away a free MP3 download or offer some other incentive on your website in exchange for an email address

3. Give your email newsletter subscribers access to exclusive content

4. Put clear calls-to-action on your website (for example, “sign up for my monthly newsletter” or “get email updates about our music”)

5. Prominently feature your email signup list at your merch booth

6. Give something away for free at shows in exchange for email addresses (guitar picks, posters, stickers, etc.)

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OK. Great. So you’ve built your email list. Now what?

How to effectively market your music to the fans on your email list

You want your email newsletters to connect on an emotional level with your fans, provide some insight into your creative process, and show your appreciation for their support. But you also want to your emails to drive music and concert ticket sales too. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

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What have you done with your email marketing to better engage your fans? Got any advice for bands just starting to build their email list? What mistakes have you made along the way? Let us know in the comments section below.

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