Praverb the WyseIn Memoriam: a look back at Patrick’s guest posts for the DIY Musician Blog

A couple years ago, the rapper Praverb The Wyse emailed me an idea for a post on this blog. It would become the first in a series of guest posts Patrick (his real name) contributed to CD Baby.

Not only were some of his articles among our most popular, but they were also some of our most generous and inspiring pieces too. Praverb’s deep understanding of the artist’s life, his positivity, and his inquisitiveness were evident in the content of his articles, the way he engaged with commenters and followers online, and in our own email correspondences.

I was very sad to hear that Patrick passed away last week, leaving behind his wife Vanessa, his young son Matthew, many friends, and a giant online community.

To celebrate his sincerity and generosity in mentoring artists, I thought I’d do a roundup of Patrick’s DIY Musician articles:

How to live your dream without a support system

10 ways to support your favorite artists when you’re broke

How to remain upbeat despite low album sales

5 tips for approaching venue promoters

How to make the most of your music on SoundCloud

4 ways to jump start your music career

If any of Patrick’s writing or music has inspired you over the years, please consider donating to this fund to help cover funeral costs for his family.