Here’s a fun thing to try before the year ends: make a Jam Odyssey and share it with your fans!

2012 is nearing a close and we’re obsessed with year-in-review lists, best-ofs, summations, and encapsulations.

Now you can take your fans and friends on a Jam Odyssey through your favorite music over the past year.

Here’s my very own 1-minute Jam Odyssey, guiding you through the tracks I listened to most in 2012 (some new tunes and some oldies)— Chris Robley’s Jam Odyssey.

Want to create your own Jam Odyssey to share on Facebook and Twitter? Head on over to This Is My Jam to get started. Once you’ve added your favorite songs, go HERE to create a Jam Odyssey.

Have you created a Jam Odyssey? Share it with us in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what y’all were listening to this year.