Record Store Day

[By Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day.]

I started out as a child. My mom would give me money to buy lunch at school. I didn’t. Instead, I saved the money until I could buy an album. This is how I became an addict.

My first fix was in the 7th grade when I saved up enough to buy The Doors’ Strange Days album. It was a bit dark for a ten year old kid and, like heroin, it rewired my brain. Unlike heroin, the music provided a lifetime of benefits including a passion for great art and physical things.

I love buying an album in my local record store, talking to the cute girl behind the counter, checking out the local events on the community bulletin board, eavesdropping on other’s musical conversations, etc. When I get home I love holding the vinyl album in both hands like a steering wheel, splitting the cellophane, pulling the album out of its sleeve, dropping the needle on the record, hearing the warm pops before the album kicks in and then getting lost in the band’s sequence of tracks. You are drawn in and the album creates a soundscape, not unlike a great movie. When side one ends, you get up and turn the record over and the whole time the album plays you gaze at the beautiful artwork the band has provided for you. It’s a total experience.

My current vinyl faves are…

Wilco – “Sky Blue Sky”

The Doors – “The Doors”

Jimi Hendrix – “Axis: Bold As Love”

Buena Vista Social Club  – “Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall”

The Clash – “London Calling”

Beck – “Modern Guilt”

Don’t forget to celebrate Record Store Day on April 20th! You’ve got ten days to prepare, save up some cash, and find a participating store HERE.

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