The Heat: onstage mishapsLast month I asked you to share your stories of onstage mishaps: exploding amps, wardrobe malfunctions, fainting drummers, or worse.

Well, here’s a quick and funny story from Ronnie Marler (the guy in the picture with the microphone) about his band ‘The Heat’ performing outside in Boise in the 1980’s:

We were playing a local bar where the band was set up outdoors on the patio. The place is jumping. I’m in the middle of singing “Free Bird” when I took a direct hit from a seagull crap-bomb. Finished the show shirtless. It started a long tradition of shirtless shows with electrical tape X’s on my nipples. 

Thanks for sharing, Ronnie. You know, in some cultures, bird-bombs are good luck. Compound that with “Free Bird”… amazing!

[To check out the music Ronnie is making these days, click HERE.]

Alright, your turn! Let’s hear your stories of dramatic onstage accidents and blunders. If it seemed horrible at the time but you’ve since learned to laugh about it, please share your story in the comments section below.

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