Can I get a little more talent in my monitor, please?

This t-shirt, which you can purchase HERE, made me crack up, get a little sad, and then laugh again.

Then it reminded me of a string of articles we’ve published throughout the years on how to make the sound engineer’s job just a little less hellish at your next gig. Check ’em out!

6 articles that will help you (and the sound engineer) sound your best at your next gig

  1. How to make the sound guy NOT hate you at your next gig
  2. Soundcheck your rehearsals for great band sound
  3. The six unspoken rules of soundchecking
  4. Four ways to make your next gig easy on the sound engineer
  5. Give the sound engineer a gift, and other tales of nice-ness
  6. Don’t embarrass yourself at soundcheck

Want to vent about some sound nightmares? Are you guilty of acting like a diva towards the sound engineer? Got any tips to add to those mentioned in the articles above? Holler in the comments.

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