3 ways to boost your music sales before the end of the year

Sell more music with limited-time pricing, free tracks, and quantity discounts

There are lots of ways to encourage fans and new listeners to buy your music from CD Baby, but enticing them with sales, discounts, and free music is one of the strongest methods we’ve found to drive traffic to your page.

You can change the prices of your albums and songs on CD Baby in any way you’d like, allowing you to get creative with the ways you offer up your music. If you offer any of these sales for the Holidays, you can always change them back after the New Year.

Give a Quantity Discount: Offer a percentage discount to fans who buy multiple copies of your album. Choose and change the discount to see what works best.

Offer a Free Track: Allow prospective fans the chance to download a song for free as an enticement to purchase the whole album. If they like what they hear, they’ll come back for more. Try giving away a few different tracks and see which one is “the hit.”

Run a Limited-Time Sale: Since you can change your music’s selling price at ANY time, it’s easy to run sales and special offers that you can announce to your fan list. Once the offer expires, simply go back into your account and raise the selling price again.

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