Indie Bands, Mind Your MannersA cautionary tale for the discourteous

As a DIY artist, you have to make and maintain contact with lots of folks: bookers, agents, recording engineers, managers, bands, DJs, program directors, journalists, bloggers, designers, producers, fans, and many more.

And even when you don’t get the desired result, it’s important to remember something you probably learned when you were two years old: BE POLITE!

What happens if you’re rude? You don’t get hired back, or worse — your band gets black-listed from clubs in LA, and is written about in SPIN Magazine for all the wrong reasons.

According to this article from SPIN, an Arizona music journalist exacted her revenge after being called an “uptight %#@%” by an independent band.

(Cue person with noir-ish accent standing in a darkly-lit doorway screaming “You’ll never work in this town again!”)

Read the full exchange HERE, and make sure you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.

It’s simple, really: when you’re dealing with  other folks in the music industry — be nice or be quiet. Don’t be rude.

What’s the worst insult you’ve been dealt in your music career? Has your band been guilty of boorishness? Tell us all the juicy details in the comments section below.

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[The picture of boy with tongue sticking out is from Shutterstock.]