Aloe Blacc talks about the rights of a songwriter, and why the law needs to change

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WARNING: Not Suitable for Some Workplaces! (It’s a Real Time interview, so don’t expect Disney language… from Bill Maher.)

Anyway, in this clip Aloe Blacc talks about why copyright and music publishing laws need to catch up with the new technologies that facilitate the creation and dissemination of musical compositions.

Think the statutory mechanical royalty rate is outdated? Think a songwriter should have the final say over who gets to cover their music? Check out this short interview with Aloe Blacc.

What music copyright laws would YOU change? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • The singers and writers have to stand up for what they do out their now days and keep a passion for it…

  • Christopher Hunter

    Change the rate or the way it works, but the point of the statutory rate is to make sure nobody can monopolize a song.

  • I applaud anyone who stands in the gap for the musicians who feed the aching souls of society.

  • actually in fact if u don’t want someone to do a cover for your song. they have to pay you.

  • I’ll bet he’s ok with Jimi’s version of “All Along the Watchtower”, When Aretha covered “Respect” (Yes, Otis Redding wrote it), or when Percy Sledge sang “When a Man Loves a Woman” (not his)… most of the iconic songs of this century are “covers”. Interpretation is also an art form… and many a “performer” have been helping “songwriters” get paid for years… Let’s face it, Dylan songs are only “good” when he sings them… Singers like Susan Tedeschi bring them to life and make them “great”…. see her version of “Don’t Think Twice…”.