Album Release Countdown: The Day of the Release

This is an excerpt from “Countdown to Maximum Exposure,” a free PDF guide written by and CD Baby for musicians who are preparing to release a new album within the next year.

The Big Event! Don’t just sit back

Use this day to communicate. Try to angle your newsletter, blog, and social media updates to be about the fans. Fans look for themselves on these sites afterwards, and when they do, they share those links with their friends.

Take photos and video of the pre-event, the event, and post-event.

Be sure to focus the lens on your fans as well. When you post the content online, they’ll be excited to see themselves and will be more likely to share the links with their friends.

The 12 Month Plan

1.Album Release Countdown: 12 to 4 months before release

2.Album Release Countdown: 4 to 3 months until release

3.Album Release Countdown: 3 to 2 months until release

4.Album Release Countdown: 2 to 1 months before release

5.Album Release Countdown: 1 month until release

6.Album Release Countdown: the day of release

7.Album Release Countdown: post-release

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