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Producers face many of the same challenges as artists. The field is crowded, it’s never been easier to access professional production tools, and lots of people are chasing the same audience.

So what can you do as a producer to make a name for yourself?

In an article for HipHopDX, Riley Wallace shares some good advice for up-and-coming hip hop producers (though these are tips that really apply to artists and producers of any genre):

1. Build genuine relationships.

Be available to your fans, collaborators, and more. Keep the communication going via social networks, and don’t underestimate the power of video. Producers should have YouTube channels.

2. Don’t be stagnant.

Stay with the flow and put your creations out there on a regular basis.

3. Travel and network.

Get out of your studio. Go meet some people in the real world. Go to conferences and festivals. Meet other producers and artists.

4. Brand yourself (differently from others).

Who are you? Why are you different? Figure this out, and then reinforce that brand image with everything you do.

5. Study all you can about the business.

Read up. Ask questions. Be curious about the numbers, royalty flows, rights management, and much more.

6. Don’t create drama.

Be easy to work with, flexible, and competent. No one wants to work with a diva.

That’s my summary of Riley’s advice, but check out the full article for all the details. Got any tips to add for producers who’re trying to set themselves apart? Let me know in the comments.

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