5 things you’ll get from the DIY Musician Conference

What to expect at the DIY Musician Conference

“If you’re serious about being a professional musician, you NEED to attend this conference.”

That’s what the duo We Are the Northern Lights said about last year’s DIY Musician Conference.

The previous year, the singer-songwriter AHI said “The DIY Musician Conference changed my life.”

A few years back, Mike Brindisi of The New York Rock said, “I personally learned more in that weekend than in the last 10 years of my career.”

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Every year, CD Baby hosts an intensive weekend of educational, networking, and showcasing opportunities. Attendees leave with a clearer vision for their careers, the tools and knowledge to make their success a reality, and a much more meaningful connection to the DIY musician community.

Since we’re moving the conference to Austin, Texas in 2019, we’re super-sizing every aspect of the conference!

Here’s what you’ll get when you attend the DIY Musician Conference this August 16-18:

1. Professional feedback on your music

We’ve got one-on-one mentoring with industry experts. Workshopping opportunities. “Song pitch” sessions.

And those are just the formalized ways to get valuable feedback on your music and career; all our speakers are asked to attend the WHOLE weekend and make themselves available to you in between sessions too.

2. A strategy that works for YOUR music and YOUR life

There is no ONE way to “make it.” This conference will give you the chance to explore many ways of achieving success today (from the full-time road warrior to the stay-at-home YouTuber, and everything in between).

Not only will you identify the strategies that work best for you, you’ll also have the chance to dive into those strategies. By the end of the conference, you’ll walk away with everything you need to hit the ground running.

3. More chances to perform in the “Live Music Capital of the World”

This year we’ll have THE MOST chances for attendees to perform. You can share your songs, strut your stuff, and impress your fellow musicians, as well as conference speakers and CD Baby staff!

We’ll have TWO STAGES running on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at a great Austin venue — Cheer Up Charlies.

Early-bird ticket holders get first crack at applying for these showcasing slots, and they fill up fast. So get your ticket today!

4. A network of new friends, industry connections, and collaborators

You’ll meet reps from major music brands (in past years that’s been YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Berklee, and many more).

You’ll get to hang all weekend with the CD Baby crew, plus a bunch of smart and friendly guest speakers as well.

And most importantly, you’ll find many new friends in the indie music world. These relationships last far beyond the conference weekend.

5. An updated understanding of modern music promotion, production, monetization, and more

The music business changes quick. At the same time, bad assumptions about previous industry practices can be pretty resilient. This conference will help you gain a deeper understanding of where the music industry is headed, why it affects you, and how to take advantage of new creative or career opportunities.

It’s the only industry event focused solely on your needs as an independent musician.

There’s a lot happening at the DIY Musician Conference. What I’ve mentioned above is just the beginning, but hopefully it gives you a good picture of why this event can be so life-changing for so many musicians. If you want to get serious about your music, this is the weekend for you.

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